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Itinerary : October 31, 2018  12:00 ~ 18:00

Group photo – 12:00 / 1F, Lobby.
A Group : 12:30 ~ Taipei venue  Persimmon dyeing experience  THOR  Taipei Gala Dinner
B Group : 12:30 ~ Taipei venue  THOR  Persimmon dyeing experience  Taipei Gala Dinner

THOR is a 2 MW, light water moderated and cooled reactor of the TRIGA conversion type. The average thermal neutron flux in the core is about 1×1013 n/cm2/sec at 1 MW. It is now the only nuclear research reactor that can provide stable and continuous bulk quantity of neutrons in Taiwan.

The first academic program re-instated in the University was the graduate institute of nuclear science. For the growing needs in nuclear education and research, the construction project of Tsing Hua Open-pool Reactor (THOR) started in 1958. THOR reached its first criticality on April 13th of 1961.

Persimmon dyeing experience

Shinpu, Hsinchu is famous in Taiwan for its aromatic dried persimmon cake, chewy flat noodles, and the beauty of the temples. Meanwhile, the processing of "dried persimmon cake" is an age old famous business at Shinpu. From September to December of the Lunar Calendar, the Chiushiang Feng (the Northeasterly monsoon), whose wind speed is as fast as that of a typhoon, can blow as fast as 20 m per second. In addition, it blows for 10 days and sometimes for half a month. As it begins to blow after Chungyang Festival, it offers a good drying effect for the persimmon cake. The white powder on the dried persimmon cakes is not mold, but the persimmon powder transformed from the glucose in the persimmon. The persimmon powder has certain therapeutic effects. When boiled in chicken soup, it is good for asthma and coughing.

From October to February, during the annual persimmon season, a variety of hands-on activities are run in the community, coupled with practical products and themed installation art. Together with the sight of sun-drying persimmons, it is a feast for the eyes, and one that has done much to raise the visibility of Xinpu's dried persimmons and persimmon dye.





= Persimmon dyeing experience


                                                    DIY                                                 Finished good

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